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Tron Matrix

Project Type: Group Project

My Role: Appearance Design, Programming

Time: February, 2021

A 3D Web-based World that consists of a set of controllable flying discs and a space-like environment.


This project was inspired by the movie Tron: Legacy. In the movie, the element disc can not only be used as an identity card but also as a weapon that can be thrown by users and has the movement like a dart. In our project, we mimic the interaction of throwing the disc and the bouncing movement of the disc inside a transparent box within a galaxy-like environment. 

Screen Recording 2021-02-28 at 8.38.47 PM.GIF

The player will start out in a translucent cube. When pressing the SPACEBAR, the player will launch a disc in the target direction. The target direction is determined by the orientation of the player's view. When the disc hits the inner wall of the cube, the color of the cube will change randomly and the disc will be bounced back. After you launch a certain number of discs, the entire cube will change color like a disco ball. If you switch the perspective from the top right control panel, you will be able to observe the whole environment and the movement of the cube and discs from the outside of the cube.

For future development, we tend to turn the outer cube into a sphere as our initial idea. We need to figure out how to calculate the reflection angle of the disc and also the tilting angle of the disc itself to align with its flying direction. For visualization, we want to create more impressive visual effects when the disc hits the wall.
 For example, we can create ripples on the cube’s wall right at the position where the disc hits and they will be gradually fading away.

The final outcome looks like this:

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