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Interactive Portraiture

Project Type: Group Project

My Role: Visual Design, Programming
Time: October, 2020

An interactive installation that allows the audience to have the experience of controlling the time.


For this assignment about interactive portraiture with BodyPix, my classmate Ellen and I developed a project together. Before we started, we both found some inspirations for our project. Ellen found a project called “Messy Curve Draw” which gradually developed irregular curves on a static image, while I found a project from the Generative Portraiture of Espen Kluge.

Based on these two inspirations, we made some changes to the code provided by our professor. We decided to draw random lines with original detected color by webcam on detected body parts and set the background color as white. By using the map function and defining previous mapped positions, we managed to determine random points to start drawing out lines. However, the outcome seemed a little messy and less pleasant to look. So we found another inspiration called “Dead Presidents” which uses random-sized triangles to generate body parts. 


To realize this goal, we used vertex to generate triangles in random sizes. In order to better imitate our inspiration, we also set the background as black color. For interaction, we allowed the y position of the mouse to control the density of the triangles so that the lower you move the mouse, the denser the picture would become. 

The final outcome looks like this:

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