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Doodle Space!

Project Type: Group Project

My Role: Visualization and Data Transmission
Time: May, 2021

(Exhibited on IMA 2021 Spring Show)

Explore new forms of creating 3D artworks in a 2D web interface that allows people to interact and co-create with others. This is a joint project created with one of my classmates.


With the advent of COVID-19, telecommuting and online collaboration have become the norm. People's daily lives are starting to be filled with video conferencing, shared documents, and other tools that allow for remote interaction. While we have opened up the use of office tools, our recreational life also needs to be catered to.

Doodle Space! is an interactive 3D space on website that allows users to create 3D artworks collaboratively. The user can use the mouse, the spacebar and “W”/”S” on the keyboard to control their cube. Each user’s cube will start with a white color, and the user can change the color by bumping into surrounding colored planets.

This project aims to build a multi-user online 3D environment that provides people with the experience of freely creating art pieces regardless of their identity, races, ages and skills.

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