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Sonny Yan

Interactive  Multimedia  Arts


A Creative Technologist based in New York, driven by a passion for blending innovation and design to create captivating digital experiences. Previous works span a diverse spectrum of digital and physical artistry, including Interactive Installations, Fabrication, Web Art, Web Design, UX Design, and Graphic Design. I’m a fast learner and I always thrive on the opportunity to learn new things and adapt swiftly to emerging trends and tools.



BAMBOO - User Experience Design

Identify the difficulties encountered by the current generation of the elderly in using smartphones and propose a feasible solution to help them better comprehend and use smartphones.

Truth Bottle - Product Design

Identify the reasons why people often bottle up themselves and propose a new approach in order to get people to speak their hearts out.

Memory Talks - Interactive Installation

Explore a new way of presenting memories, which allows people to recall the past while letting the memories tell its own story, and turns each person's memories into a unique piece of art in the form of music.

Doodle Space! - Interactive Web Art

Explore new forms of creating 3D artworks in a 2D web interface that allows people to interact and co-create with others. This is a joint project created with one of my classmates. I was responsible for the visualization and data transmission

Other Works

In addition to my portfolio projects, I also spent most of my time at school working on a series of web-based interactive projects